Are you between 18 and 35 years old? Would you like to work but are often rejected? Register at De Muys Education Center for one of the three learning paths: Barista, Facility and Hospitality.

Ben jij tussen de 18 en 35 jaar? Wil je graag aan het werk maar wordt je vaak afgewezen? Meld je aan bij De Muys Educatie Center een van de drie leertrajecten: Barista, Facility en Hospitality.

Become a Barista with a job perspective

Do you like coffee and would you like to learn how to make the best cappuccino? Maybe the barista training is something for you. In 3 months you will get practical skills about coffee every working day. You will be taken through the entire process of making coffee. From the coffee plant, roasting the beans until the perfect foam layer of the coffee. For example, did you know that the coffee bean is actually green? That you can burn milk and ruin your coffee? In addition to answers to these questions, you will also receive a two-day HACCP course in which you learn how to handle food and how to apply the mandatory Hygiene Code for the catering industry in practice. You will also receive lessons in entrepreneurship so that you also know what you need to set up your own coffee shop. After completing the 3 months, you will be appointed at De Muys. Here you can put your lessons into practice. When that has been completed, you can move on to one of our partners.

Horeca hospitality hero

Hospitality stands for service. The training takes place 60% in practice and has been set up in consultation with hotels and catering companies in Amsterdam East and experts from the field. You will receive hospitality lessons in a broad sense and from cooking lessons to service. Components include communication, entrepreneurship and self-development & internships. Because the training is developed with partners, you get the latest trends and you have a chance of being appointed when you are ready. Do you want to start your own catering business? Then this training shows all facets of the process and you will receive workshops about writing a business plan in entrepreneurship. Do you want to become a Hospitality hero? Then register for this training.

Do you arrange everything? Check the facility training

Facility management, is about managing and controlling support activities for an organization. From security, reception to cleaning. All activities that support the purpose of the organization. Are you someone who likes to organize? And want to make things easy? Then Facility employee or management is something for you. During the Facility program you will receive vocational and optional modules, you will receive guidance and you complete an internship program. With a focus on building management and hospitality, students learn the entire process from contracts to execution. You can become a facility employee or manager.

Registration procedure

Are you yourself between the ages of 18 and 35? Would you like to start one of the learning trajectories? And what about one of the affiliated companies? Then you may be eligible for registration. If you have no work experience or no previous education, you will be given priority when applying. After registration, you will be invited for a short job interview so that we can get to know you and ask questions.

Job Opportunities

After successful completion of the practical exam and assessment, De Muys offers all graduates a place to work for three months. This is how you have built up your work experience. We can then refer you to the surrounding hotels and hospitality businesses with whom we have made a pact to hire young people.

Sign up

Send an email to with your resume with motivation letter or motivation video (1 min) with why you want to be one of the first 20.