Development and activity on the Joan Muyskenweg

Named after an engineer and industrial manager and known as director (1901-1928) of Werkspoor, this road is a way to success towards entrepreneurship and self-development. Young Amsterdammers can start the day with a coffee from ‘T Huys, flexible working in a creative setting, and train in the hall during lunch. Finally, in the evening the creative minds can enjoy a bite to eat and/or go out at the City beach.

In-house companies

Various companies companies are paving the way to a brighter future. Everything from the manufacturing industry to personal development can be found here. Craftsmen are working on sustainable development. For example, clothing is recycled into memory bags,  furniture, cargo bikes and old-timers are given a new look. All products from the manufacturing industry are exhibited and put up for sale in the Showcase of Fame at ‘T huys. In addition to these products, commercial innovative ideas also come to life here. The oplaadkameraden are an example of this or the creation of the interior of Studio Disberg.

The Muys at the Joan Muyskens

Based on the Just do it mentality, various development opportunities for enterprising, young, studying Amsterdammers are offered in De Muys. With less than 15 minutes from the HvA Applied Science to 5 minutes from Overamstel, the hive is easily accessible. The free parking spaces are a luxury in itself. The building offers space about 25 flexible workplaces, various co-working spaces and a quiet area. Working with super fast internet and having lunch in the afternoon from the supermarkets within walking distance.

Talent and skill development

Do you believe in development and lifelong learning? Then you’ve come to the right place here. Various trajectories, workshops and training courses are offered in De Muys to increase the development and employment opportunities of young Amsterdammers. SkillBuilding emphasizes leadership and entrepreneurial qualities and offers training and workshops such as   among others persuasive debating; lobby; bookkeeping and presentation. The Muys Education and Skills Center focuses more on facility and hospitality with, for example, barista training. In addition, it is also possible to gain practical experience. For example, Carwash Drerries is run entirely by young people from Amsterdam East. Finally, it is possible to network with the monthly network drink.

Gym time

Physical development is also possible in the GYM 014 and Muay Thai. These gyms are located in the hall of De Muys, where emotions and thoughts can be converted into peace and strength. Inspired by the number 24 of famous football players and also the house number of the gym – GYM 014 provides power workouts such as crossfit, body clinic, kickboxing and boxing to young and old, both personally and in groups. Perseverance, never-ending pursuit of inner peace, happiness and balance is the motto of the Gym 014.

Muay Thai is for lovers of Thai boxing that descends from the 16th century Siam kingdom. These lessons are provided by Robert de Leth. He himself has fought 15 professional matches and regularly goes to Thailand to train.

Food and fun for though

De Muyskens is brimming with creative entrepreneurship in all forms. Exhibits and exhibitions are shown by a network of photographers and artists. And the young target group from 4 years to 16 can also enjoy the Fancy Palace. After a creative energetic day it is time for a bite to eat. That’s possible at the Cantina de Carbon, known for its delicious Mexican dishes. Visitors with a fine taste can also visit homemade Indonesian van Tante Dewi. At Dok Amsterdam you can enjoy a drink, dance with or without a BBQ. Various music events also take place here and you can enjoy a good movie with Cinema City Beach.

There is something to do and find for everyone. Come by and work on your future and/or future of the city.