Art expo’s in the Muys 

Art is an expression of thought, feeling and behaviour. The facade of the Muys is also the result of a thought, behavior and feeling. The Zebra stripes are applied by the co-owner. “The black and white pattern also stands for ‘just getting started’. Within De Muys it is the intention that you simply start working together without nagging. Creating the artwork was also an iterative process and everyone can see something different in it. The most important thing is that you work it out together and help each other. This is in line with the vision of De Muys” Bart.

There is room for art not only on the front facade. De Muys has its own gallery on the ground floor. Artists are given a stage to exhibit their work. For example, artist Belamin has shown several works. The artists collective Abel and George have also exhibited their art to the public.

De Muys likes to support artists of different trades with the exhibition space. Do you want to organize an exhibition here? Do you have at least 6 objects that you want to exhibit for at least 2 months? Do you live in Amsterdam and the surrounding area? Please contact us via info (@) stating ‘Expo’.