De Muys also for the craft

Craft is handicraft that is learned to practice a profession. In the past, craftsmen united in Guilds through which affiliated members were given prestige and were represented by the Guilds. Over the centuries, the labor market has changed drastically. Despite this development, today are increasingly craftsmen. Modern craftsmen make the most beautiful and functional products with textiles, wood or ironware and other materials. The modern craftsmen range from furniture restorers to industrial designers.

Modern craft also in the Muys

De Muys offers craftsmen affordable lots and spaces ranging from 50 to 120m2. With this, the creative enterprising hive wants to stimulate the preservation and appreciation of craft professions in Amsterdam.


Don’t want to say goodbye to your favorite chair? Is your sofa too comfortable but in need of a new look? Then Su-per is the place to be.

These craftsmen provide your sofas and chairs with a new look or restore it to the classic look. They professionally dress furniture with leather and fabric.

Heavy Pedal

Steel, wire, rubber and plastic are a number of elements that you will find on a bicycle. Heavy Pedal is a heavyweight in the bicycle industry. The pimp my bike of Amsterdam transforms bicycles and cargo bikes into mobile businesses. Examples of converted bicycles and cargo bicycles are the BBQ bike, Coffee Bike and taco bikes.

Studio Disberg

Sleek, industrial and outspoken design. The architects and interior designers develop designs for houses and internal interiors. From small to large, homes to furniture. These modern craftsmen acquire beauty in space with industrial clean lines as inspiration.

Charging comrade

Couldn’t charge your phone? Spotted a charging point in a public space by chance? These are made by the charging comrade. Using plastic and state-of-the-art technology, they ensure

that you can charge your mobile phones quickly and safely while enjoying a drink in the catering industry.

Memory Bags

Want to literally keep precious memories with you? This is possible with memory bags, the sewing workshop transforms your mother’s coat into a beautiful bag.

Workshop The Hall of Opportunity

In this hall, young people with a distance to the labor market are given the opportunity to receive a BBL training in the craft. With the help of intensive coaching, they receive lessons in empowerment and traditional entrepreneurship.

Craftsmen everywhere

In addition to the above-mentioned companies and initiatives, individual craftsmen are also working with their hands at De Muys. A craftsman restores vintage furniture, art and clothing in the main hall. There is also a craftsman who is engaged in providing beautiful designs on clothing using screen printing. Finally, there is a passionate Pimp my ride mechanic who refurbishes, reupholstered, repairs and transforms old-timers.