Drerries Carwash methodology for a fresh start

The car wash is named after the target group drerries, meaning ‘boys’ in Derija (Moroccan dialect). It is a word that is fondly used among young people and has now also become part of the Amsterdam slang. The car wash is not just any place, and not just for boys. With its unique methodology, it offers opportunities for a fresh start. A select group of Lvb’ers and dropouts are trained as car wash employees and are given the opportunity to be placed directly at the own car wash. Due to the intensive collaboration, self-reflection and the awareness process, the young people come out differently than they entered.

For the car wash selection procedure

Drerries that qualify for the intensive program are recruited and selected on the basis of social indicators. With the aim of offering them a unique opportunity where they undergo the car wash method. Candidates are approached in collaboration with welfare organisations, assistance and care institutions, detention centres, UWV, DWI and MBO schools. Specifically, we look at who benefits most from the methodology. In addition, young people who register themselves have a strong preference because of their motivation. Third party submissions are also allowed. In this selection phase, formal and informal interviews then take place as part of the intake. Requests for help are also tested against self-reliance. Together with the headmaster/coach, the participant immediately starts answering the questions for help.

During the car wash

Drerrie Participants receive basic skills and lessons on how to run a business such as the car wash from different roles. The intensity of the methodology lies mainly in the personal guidance and transparent observation. It starts with social and communication skills first. From day 1 participants are coached with conversation techniques and skills that run parallel to the mandatory participation in the basic training. With the personal development plan, learning goals are formulated, monitored and evaluated with the coach. During the process, they individually and in collaboration with each other complete work assignments from cleaning work to operational management. Through cooperation, reflection and feedback, they gain insight into their own actions and unconscious behaviour. The focus on ownership is important, participants receive a portfolio folder that they fill themselves during the process with relevant (partial) certificates and completed work assignments. After going through a minimum of three months of confidence building, reflection, development and basic skills, they can answer the question “Who am I?”. In the meantime, participants will know a little more about themselves and why and when certain personal behavior is expressed.

The next phase, which also usually lasts a maximum of 3 months, examines employee skills and work skills in more detail. Under the supervision of a headmaster/coach, these are mainly taught on the work floor. Successful entrepreneurs, influencers and managers come by as guest lecturers to share their personal and professional experience in entrepreneurship.

Fresh start after the car wash

After six months, the drerrie employee is now fully aware of the basic skills needed to run a company like this. Through assignments, day and week tasks in different roles, they have gained work and practical experience. In addition, intensive work was done on the knowledge and skills of the participant.

The program influences the participant’s self-image, confidence in development and provides tools for collaboration. The role of Drerries employee evolves from a peer educator to an independent entrepreneur. The young participants come in with all kinds of challenges that they themselves are not aware of. And through the program they become wiser about themselves and the possibilities they have. With this, a participant can fly out with the guarantee that he has grown at least 2 steps on the participation ladder. SEE the attached participation ladder. Smeared with negative ideas, intensively cleaned by feedback and self-reflection, the young people emerge from the car wash with new insights and a desire for a new start.