Status holders get to work

The space for development and entrepreneurship is literally and figuratively central to De Muys for everyone, especially young Amsterdammers. 8 out of 1,000 Amsterdammers are status holders, i.e. people who have received a residence permit because they were forced to leave their country of birth. Leaving everything behind to start again somewhere is evidence of some form of entrepreneurship. De Muys Education Center offers the opportunity to follow the hospitality work-learning trajectory, including Dutch language lessons, after which they can actually start working with our partners.

De Muys Education Center

Space is in your heart and you can also make it for someone else. With over 6000 m2, De Muys literally and figuratively offers space for success and development. Entrepreneurship, development, networking, training and relaxing in the sand are all possible here. Developing skills is offered by De Muys Education Center, among others. Interested young entrepreneurs can choose from 3 work-learning trajectories, Barista, Facility and Hospitality. Each of these courses lasts 3 months, is provided by certified professionals and also provides opportunities for the partners to move on.

Hospitality from expertise with a future perspective

Set up in consultation with hotels and catering companies in Amsterdam East and experts from the field, this program offers practical lessons that match the needs of the industry and the latest trends. Within this trajectory, beneficiaries learn, in addition to the Dutch language: hospitality, communication, entrepreneurship and self-development and they get to work with the internship. From cooking to doing business, this trajectory offers a good start with opportunities to move on after the internship.

Status holders and hospitality

Refugees whose asylum application has been approved are called status holders. In 2019, there were 6800 status holders, the majority of whom come from Syria with 2731 people with traumatic experiences and diplomas that are not recognized in the Netherlands. After being forced to flee from wars and insecurity, they can start building a new future here in Amsterdam.

The courses offered offer a solution to get started straightforwardly, gain confidence and build up a work rhythm.