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De Muys also for the craft

Craft is handicraft that is learned to practice a profession. In the past, craftsmen united in Guilds through which affiliated members were given prestige and were represented by the Guilds. Over the centuries, the labor market has changed drastically. Despite this development, today are increasingly craftsmen. Modern craftsmen make the most beautiful and functional products […]

The Hall of Opportunities from social skills to BBL education

What is broken can be repaired and only become more beautiful and stronger. This philosophy underlies the Japanese art form Kintsugi. Broken shards are glued together with gold to help remember that the process of repair can lead to more beautiful, strong and unique results. In the Hall of Opportunity we follow the same philosophy. […]

Status holders get to work

The space for development and entrepreneurship is literally and figuratively central to De Muys for everyone, especially young Amsterdammers. 8 out of 1,000 Amsterdammers are status holders, i.e. people who have received a residence permit because they were forced to leave their country of birth. Leaving everything behind to start again somewhere is evidence of […]